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Tricks for subleasing your apartment

Tricks for subleasing your apartment. Subletting your home is a terrific option to cut costs while away from home, whether you’re studying abroad or just trying to get out of town for a few weeks this summer. If you’re not going to live in your apartment, why pay a full month’s rent? Finding someone to assume the lease’s terms, however, can be challenging. Here are 6 suggestions from Rentable to help you avoid spending weeks looking for someone to temporarily occupy your room.

List your apartment on Rentable

You undoubtedly already know that the finest resource for finding an off-campus apartment is Rentable. Rentable makes it simple to find the ideal apartment for your lifestyle with more listings, more criteria, and an intuitive mobile app. But did you know that you can offer your sublet on Rentable for nothing at all? You only need to input your address, upload photos, and briefly describe your flat after clicking “Add a Listing” in the upper right-hand corner of Rentable. Your sublet will then be displayed on the same map as all the other properties listed on Rentable. Tens of thousands of users will therefore be able to view it. Consider every option!

Share your sublease in as many places as possible!

After creating your Rentable listing, you can quickly post it on social media and reach out to your network of potential tenants. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and localized websites for renting and buying. Be sure to promote the listing on school forums and in other places if you’re subleasing a college apartment. Your chances of finding the ideal subletter increase as more people view your sublease.

Competitive pricing

Choosing a price point for your property is one of the most difficult aspects of subletting. Do you offer a minor reduction or the full price? Your market will determine how you respond to that inquiry. You can generally get away with charging your subletter precisely what you would typically pay for rent, or maybe somewhat more if you reside in a high-demand location. However, if there is less demand for rentals and the rental market is quieter, you may need to adjust your expectations slightly in order to find a tenant.

Do your homework, then! Use Rentable to discover how comparable apartments are renting in your region, and check your lease to see if your property manager has any criteria for sublet price. It’s acceptable if your property is priced similarly to those in your neighborhood, but if you really want to locate a subletter quickly, set your price a little lower.

Take good pictures

The era of blurry images taken on flip phones is over. Renters increasingly demand more from a listing than a blurry, skewed photograph, so marketing your unit is crucial (and occasionally challenging). Although a complete 3-D tour is not required, make sure your photographs are thorough, well-lit, and unobstructed. Make sure to photograph each area to its best advantage. Shoot at eye level, trying to fit as much of each space into the frame as you can, and avoid shooting into the sun. Take pictures of each room, including the restroom. (Simply clean it first; refer to step #5)

Even on a tight budget, if you need more apartment marketing suggestions, all it takes is a quick Google search for the top apartment marketing tactics to put an end to your problems.

Expect showings and be available

While getting ready for your own relocation can take some time, you also need to make time to take care of your sublet. Be prepared to accommodate interested subletters’ schedules in order to give them a thorough tour of the space, which should include any facilities your apartment has, such as indoor parking, a pool, a gym, or a courtyard.

Play your part as an agent when you’re showing: Don’t assume they are aware of the benefits of the location or your flat; instead, tout them. While you’re at it, consider whether you can trust your prospective subletter to occupy your flat while you’re away.

Stage your sublease

Your flat probably needs some updating to make it more appealing to your subletter, especially if you’ve been there for a long time. As though your security deposit were at stake, tidy up: To make the advantages of your property really stand out, get rid of the clutter, thoroughly clean the bathroom tiles, and remove any carpet stains. Consider it this way: You’re establishing the standard for how well you anticipate them to maintain the apartment’s cleanliness, which is a condition of receiving your security deposit.

Your prospective subletter will want to inspect every nook and cranny during the showing, so make sure you clean everything.

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